Forming Material

1、Material of thick suction-ABS
1)Good impact strength, excellent dimensional stability, stainable, easy to be formed and manufactured, high mechanical strength and high rigidity.
2)Low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, nonpoisonous and no smell, excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. High temperature resistance without deforming.
3)With high impact strength and flexible property under low temperature. It is also a kind of material with low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability; It’s hard, not easy to be scratched and not easy to deform.
4)Normal ABS sheet material is not pure white but flexible, and can be cut by sheet cutting machines and can also be stamped.

Application: Automotive accessories (dashboard, wheel cover, mirror box, etc.), radio Cover, handle of phone; High strength tool (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, mixer, grass cutter, etc.); keyboard, vehicle for entertainment such as golf cart and jet sleigh car, etc.

2、 Material of thick suction-PP
PP sheet material is mainly made from polypropylene resin through adding all kinds of color master batch, flexibilizer and optical brightener, mixing, plasticizing extruding, calendaring, cooling, towing and winding. PP plate has feature: nonpoisonous, no smell, sanitary, high mechanical strength and good barrier property, etc. It can be adapted for packaging in the field of industry, agriculture and fruits, and so on. The surface of tray made from anti-slip PP sheet is smooth, beautiful and is very popular with user. PP sheet can also be adapted to packing high cold-resistant frozen food, such as ice cream box, dumpling box and Tang-Yuan box, and so on.
PP by vacuum forming have features: environmental protection, good looking, paintable by screen printing and offset printing, bronzing, high temperature-resistant, anti low temperature, transparent , and flexible for bending. The product is consistent with the standard of food testing and can be microwaveable.
The shortage of PP by vacuum forming: low dimensional accuracy, low rigidity, bad weather ability, easy to release copper pollution and shrink, easy to be aging, fragile and deformable after demoulding.

3、 Material of thick suction-PMMA
PMMA, the polymethacrylates, also named organic glass, has superior quality among transparent synthetic materials but with proper price. It is high transparent and cheap. It’s one of the replacements of glass.
At present, the field of PMMA use in China is low and middle market, such as advertising light box, label, lamps, bathtub, dashboard, daily articles, and furniture, etc. But the application of special PMMA likes radiation-retarding PMMA and optical fiber PMMA is still in blank. With the rapid development of advertising, medium and upper furniture industry, construction business, transportation and optical field, the need for PMMA will rise sharply; the product will expand from the low market to medium and upper market gradually. In addition, PAMMA can also be adapted to making LCD light guide plate. The rapid growth in need for LCD generates the production of PMMA greatly.

4、PVC  Material of thick suction-PVC
PVC sheet material has high tenacity and is nonflammable. It will release chlorine when fires, which have bad effect on environment. It is easy to be sealed by heat through closing machine and high frequency. It is the main material to make clear suction products. PVC has wide usage and is widely welcomed. It can be classified into environmental protection and non- environmental protection. It can be made into all kinds of vacuum forming packaging products that can be transparent, colorful and electric-free, and can be plated in gold and flocked. The mainly features is high transparent, good luster in surface, small texture, wild usage, high resistant to crush and is easy to shape. The product is widely applied to the packaging of toy, food, electronic products, medicament, electrical equipment, gifts, cosmetics and stationery.

5、Material of thick suction-PS hard sheet and PET hard sheet  
PS sheet material has low density, bad tenacity and is inflammable. It will release styrene (noxious gas). Therefore, it is mainly adapted to produce tray for industry usage. PS sheet material is a new developed environment-friendly material for packaging in recently years. It is widely adapted to medicament, food, toy and electronic products because it has good property of thermal forming and is environmental protection and healthy.
PET sheet material has good flexible property and is a new developed material in recently years. It belongs to environmental protection material because of its good tenacity, high strength, transparent and recyclable, but it is being prohibited gradually because it is inflammable and release noxious gas. It is expensive that is suitable for thick suction products in top grade. The material of shell is PET in western countries. However, the melting point of PET is very high which brings difficulties to high frequency machine for sealing.

6、PETG PVC Thick sheet material by vacuum forming- PETG PVC
However its price is higher and is mainly adapted to package of electron, food, toy, window box, collar keeper and shoes, etc. It has following advantages:
1)Good transparent, smoothness and display effect.
2)Excellent decoration property on exterior surface. It can be printed without polish. It is easy to be impressed with pattern and metallic treated (vacuum metallic coating).
3)Excellent mechanic strength.
4)Good resistant to oxygen and steam.
5)Good chemical resistant. It can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances.
6)Nonpoisonous and sanitary. It can be adapted for packaging of food, medicament and medical equipments. It can also be used for disinfecting the packaging through Y ray.
7)Good adaption to environmental protection. It can be recycled economically and conveniently. It will not release harmful material when burn its waste. It is considered to be a adorable packaging material that is conform to the requirement for (ROSH)environmental protection.

Plastic alloy is to use physical blending or chemical grafting method for high performance, functional and specialty of new materials, including generally plastic alloy and engineering plastics alloy. General plastic alloy, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene) alloy, these still have wide use-value, but because of its production technology is widely mastered, in foreign countries, the company supplies more varieties is high value engineering plastics alloy. Engineering plastics alloy blend of general engineering plastics (resin), mainly including to PC, PBT, PA, POM (POM), PPO, such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) engineering plastics as the main body of the blend system, as well as ABS resin modified materials. The comprehensive performance of PC/ABS plastic is good, but its chemical resistance is poor and vulnerable to more powerful chemical solvent corrosion cracking and other defects caused by products. The material has been widely used in GM's rear license plate, Volkswagen & LAVIDA car’s rear door’s decoration, and etc.

Main plastic alloy materials
PC-ABS Plastic Alloy Materials
ABS engineering plastics aka PC + ABS (engineering plastic alloy),this material has both PC resin’s excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance and dimensional stability, and also has ABS resin’s excellent fluidity. So it is used in thin –walled and complex shape products, can maintain its excellent performance, and maintain the plastic and a kind of ester composition of the material. It can be widely used in automotive parts, business machines, telecommunications equipment, Household appliances and lighting equipment.
Plastic Alloy Material
PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT.PC has the advantage of tough and strength ender room temperature, but in the case of high temperature, heat deformation is serious. The disadvantage is that the stress is cracked under force and the viscosity is large. The advantage of PBT is that its rigidity is not affected by temperature and the deformation is small. The blended material PC-PBT retains the advantages of PC and PBT.
PC-PBT has high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, but also has high resistance to high temperature, and also has high resistance to stress cracking; It can be widely used in car bumpers, car handles, electronic components and so on.
Plastic alloy Material
PC-PMMA is a blend of PC and PMMA. Both PC and PMMA is layered, but not compatible with each other. Its alloy (PC –PMMA) is a multi-layer structure, due to the different refractive index of them, the incident light in the reflection will produce light interference, so the alloy opaque, but with pearl color, can be made to pearl-like products. PC –PMMA plastic is transparent, tasteless, non-toxic, and can issue pearl like light, it is high-grade food packaging material.