SEAL has thermal plastic vacuum forming machines to produce plastic molding of plastic parts of the key process equipment, the use of plastic sheet metal or plastic sheet (refers to the flexible material). It is heated to a suitable softening temperature by baking on a thermoplastic sheet and then tightly adsorbed by a plastic sheet in a thermoplastic state by means of a vacuum negative pressure (or positive pressure) between the plastic sheet and the forming die (or auxiliary compression) in the forming mold surface, after cooling made of semi-finished products, and then through the secondary trimming and made of finished products. Raw materials are mainly ABS, PMMA, PS, PP, PE, PVC, PC, PET, EPS, HIPS, APET, PETG, etc .; Product range is mainly used for new energy electric vehicle shell, bus car interior parts, car front bumper , Car map board, high iron interior, door panel ceiling, medical equipment shell, rear projection TV rear shell, household appliances shell, refrigerator liner, light box, luggage, seat board, car trim, decorative parts, furniture , Sanitary ware, toys, teaching equipment, traffic signs, logistics turnover tray, pet cage chassis and so on and can replace the type of injection products.

5-axis engraving machine is also called 5-axis linkage engraving machine, is a high technological content, high precision for the processing of complex surface processing center, the work piece can be a complete folder to complete the processing.It can be adapted to auto parts, aircraft structural parts and other modern mold processing. And it is specialized in space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, drilling, oblique hole, chamfering and so on.